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Known History of John Gregory and Frances Rush


    The earliest written records found so far on John Gregory is a land map of Lewis County showing that he bought land in 1837 near the Fabius River; and his marriage record, recorded in Marion County, Missouri.
Marriage record reads:

This is to certify that on the 22nd day of February AD 1838 Joined in the holy hands of Matrimony agreeably to the rules of the Methodist Episcopal Church Mr. John Gregory and Miss Rush both of Marion County of Benjamin Davis ???????? Recorded on this 23rd day of March 1838. (Miss Rush’s first name was Frances).

John probably lived in Marion County before purchasing his Lewis County property and moved there after his marriage. (Lewis County was split from Marion County in 1833).   (Maps of appoximate location.)

The next record of John and Frances (Miss Rush is Frances Rush Gregory) was the 1840 census. Only the head of households were listed in those early census and it was Listed under NORTH TWPL pg 175. It listed an infant under 5 years (Marshall their first son) and a female under 20 years (Frances).


The next record of John and Frances was the 1850 census, which collected much more information than the previous census recordings. It lists the family as follows:

Last Name First Name Age Sex Occupation Value of Property BirthPlace
GREGORY John 42 M Farmer $1,000 VA
GREGORY Frances 27 F     KY
GREGORY Marshall 11 M     MO
GREGORY Sarah 9 F     MO
GREGORY Margarett 6 F     MO
GREGORY Alex 4 M     MO
GREGORY George S 2 M     MO
GREGORY America 3/12 F     MO
RUSH Robert 14 M     MO

 Robert Rush was the younger brother of Frances who evidently lived with them at this time. The value of their property was listed as $1000.


1860 - 1870

The next record found of John was the 1860 Census. It listed John as J. Gregory, age 53, a Farmer with $3600 real estate and $1190 personal property. Born in Virginia.


The 1870 census gave a little more information and indicated that John could not read or write.

Last Name First Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real Estate value Personal Value Birth Place
GREGORY John 60 M W Farmer $7,000 $1,600 VA
GREGORY Francis 50 F W Housekeeper KY
GREGORY Virginia 24 F W At home MO
GREGORY George 22 M W Works on Farm MO
GREGORY America 18 F W At home MO
GREGORY Robert 16 M W Works on Farm MO
GREGORY Wm 12 M W Works on Farm MO
GREGORY Joel 11 M W At school MO
GREGORY Florence 10 F W At school MO



1876 – 1886

   On August 1, 1876 John borrowed $1297.11 from the School fund, which must have been a lending institution then, with an agreement to pay it back by January 1, 1881. No record has been found what he needed the money for. He probably had bought additional land between 1860 and 1870 since his property value had doubled. Possibly he was buying more, or needed the money for improvements.

The 1880 census, page 159b, listed John as age 72; a farmer. Something new on this census that was not asked on the previous census takings was birthplace of parents. John’s father was listed as born in England, and his mother in Virginia.

The next and last information found on John and Frances was a land indenture in 1886. On July 26, 1886 an agreement between "Frances Gregory and John Gregory her husband of Carrol County, Missouri" and Marshall S. Gregory gave some of John’s land to Marshall Gregory for 1 dollar. It appeared that the agreement was between Frances and Marshall even though John present at the signing, which makes it appear that John, at the age of almost 80 years old may have been senile by this time. No records of John and Frances have been found in Carrol County yet.

On November 23, 1886, Marshall Gregory of Scotland County sold the property to Benjamin West for $700. 

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