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Sherman Roy GREGORY

81. Sherman Roy GREGORY was born on 3 Mar 1911 in Purcell, McClain Co., Oklahoma. He died in Feb 1963 in Toledo, Lincoln, Oregon.

Sherman Roy GREGORY and Grace PIERSON were married about 1934 in Hobart, Oklahoma. Grace PIERSON (daughter of Andrew J. PIERSON and Sarah) was born on 26 Apr 1909. She died on 5 Apr 1996 in San Diego, California. Sherman Roy GREGORY and Grace PIERSON had the following children:






Willa May GREGORY.

Sherman Gregory

Sherman Gregory

Sherman, being the oldest son, left school at a very young age to help his father work the farm to support a very large family. He grew up in the vicinity of Lone Wolf, Oklahoma where he farmed from a very young age until April 1937. He raised cattle and he taught his nephew, Bill Harris, how to ride and rope calves. Even though this was during the great depression he did well enough with his cattle and farming that, when he and his wife, Grace, and son, Glenn (born October 12, 1936) drove to Toledo, Oregon, they were able to travel with all their belongings in a Model A Ford which he had previously purchased new. He had owned his own farm equipment.

He went to work the day he arrived at Toledo on the evening shift at C D Johnson lumber mill (later purchased by Georgia Pacific) where he was steadily employed until the early 50's at which time he transferred to a new plywood mill being built by Georgia Pacific adjacent to C D Johnson's lumber mill. Sherman was very mechanically inclined and therefore was able to transfer into the maintenance department at the plywood mill as a plumber where he worked until he died in an accident as a result of a fall from the roof during a rain storm. Sherman essentially worked for the same employer from 1937 to 1962.

Although Sherman had very little formal education, his mechanical abilities led to a thorough knowledge of automobiles, tractors, or almost any machine. He spent much time repairing automobiles during the early years for himself as well as relatives. He loved the Model A Ford, the Chevrolet six cylinder pickups, and John Deere tractors. He thoroughly disliked V-8's of any type, but reluctantly drove a '55 Chevy V-8 pickup for 3 or 4 years and although trouble-free, he got rid of it and bought an older 6-cylinder Chevy pickup. When he died he owned the pickup and a John Deere tractor.

If Sherman had a hobby it was plowing and working with the John Deere tractor. It's difficult to call it a hobby since he worked seven days a week for the last eight years of his life and had very little time. It was generally his choice to work seven days a week as he enjoyed the work and liked to be at the mill. He was known by his co-workers
for his sense of humor and love for the practical joke.

Sherman always enjoyed owning animals such as a cow, a pig or two, some chickens and dogs and cats --even his daughter Willa's horse. He was an especially good person without the benefit of an organized religion. He did not drink, seldom smoked, and worked very hard all his life without anyone telling him to do so. He found some humor in the various attempts by a number of people to recruit him into a church. This is not to say his was anti-religious or an atheist. As an example, he bought his daughter, Willa, a white Bible and respected people involved the the many religions but either felt he could be a good man without belonging to a church and/or simply didn't have time.

He was truly a good and charitable man; one who others seemed naturally to call upon for help. He helped friends and relatives repair and paint cars, houses, moving and any number of life's miscellaneous problems.
 by Glenn and Willa Gregory