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Garnade and Granville Mink and children

Garnade and Granville Mink

Daisy Mink Granville Mink Charles Emerson

Garnade Mink
Four generations, Lacie Lester Hart, Alan Hart, Lucy Mink Lester, Garnade (around 1954) (photo provided by Alan Hart)

Granade Mink
Granade and his childern, Front: Bruce, Lake, Lilliard Back: Minnie, Granade, Blanche, Lucy (guessing from late 1940's) (photo provided by Alan Hart)

Mink Mink
Oscar Hunter Mink Hassie Mink Adams

Mink Mink
Rhoe Mink and Emma Holmes Edward Field Mink 1917 WWI



 Pearl Delta Mink


Above photos provided by Bette Mink Flanagan.


Estella Adams Little
Estella Adams Little
daughter of Hassie Mink



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